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The Ocean's Breath was Salty


CGI Film

2ch HD video  |  1ch HD sound


Documentation credit: The Collection

Referencing video game interplay, the audience embody a user who is able to navigate and manipulate virtual reality; an unstable space that can be moulded depending on its required function. Virtual forces of gravity and resistance become malleable, allowing the user to manoeuvre and shape a digital reconstruction of the real for their own viewing pleasure. However, this promise of interaction is denied to the audience. Instead, the reference to video games as a narrative model becomes a method of reconstructing the lived traumas of the body within a controlled simulation, one that the audience is then guided through.

Interested in the uncanny digital translation of natural forms and textures, the work centres on the interpretation of water. Often converting into a heightened blue and surging in a fantastical manner, it feels familiar, yet is removed of all imperfection. I was interested in exposing the layers of construction of this hyperreal aesthetic, disrupting and unravelling them as a method of disturbing the faith that is held in the facade of the digital screen.

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