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Liquid States
1ch HD Video | Silent

4'45" looped


'Liquid States' envisions a body that has become liberated of the restrictions of its corporeal state through its extension into digital space.


Malleably extending, multiplying and contorting, I think of the digital body as holding a foetal quality that suggests a regenerative potential - a feeling of floating through space, freely expanding and contracting.

The oozing, siliconised membranes of the digital form are both flesh-like and lab-born, natural and artificial. The iridescent sheen of the surface is reminiscent of that of the utopian cyborg of science-fiction, yet also the overly-stretched skin of a plastic surgery patient. It is this exploration of the fine line between the fantastical and the grotesque that is further interest to me. When considering the potential that technology and digital space can provide the body, I question at what point the body might become polluted, distorting into something Other. I think that there is always this push and pull within my work, because my exploration of technology’s potential comes from a place of illness.

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