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Other Life
Music Video
1ch HD Video | 1ch HD Sound


CG animation, editing, and colour grading by Jake Moore

Creative concept and direction by Jake Moore and Semi Precious

Produced, composed, mixed & sung by Semi Precious

Additional synths & piano by Aviram Barath

Mastered by Nick Powell

Other Life combines an ultra-futuristic, sterile and vacuous aesthetic with undercurrents of homoerotic tension. The song’s yearning mood resonated with me, provoking the construction of a digital environment in which the boundaries of my lived identity become more fluid; a technological utopia with an unstable core.


The viewer is guided into a central chamber that visually references gay bathhouses, cathedrals, and the backrooms of queer venues; sites that share a heightened, otherworldly and ethereal atmosphere. Eight figures lounge across one another in anticipation of a bliss that fails to actualise. Their sensual climb plateaus and descends as their bodies begin to degrade; a metaphor for the perils of hedonism.

© squareglass

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